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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

So What it's Weigh-in Wednesday?!?

I am still new to this linking up (and blogging) thing. So I am not sure if it is cool to do two link-ups in one blog post or not. Once again, I do NOT have any pictures to put on here. I know that the really "good" blogs have lots and lots of photos. I haven't taken in an awhile, nor do I have time to cruise the 'net looking for some today.

Here we go:

So What Wednesday
So What if.....
I did not go all out for my kids' Easter baskets. My little guy received 3 other baskets from friends and families. Quite frankly, I am tired of candy so I just didn't add to it.
I let my child watch as many episodes of "Elmo's World" as he wants. When I tell him it's time to turn the TV off he doesn't protest.
I have no idea what is going in North or South Korea.
I do not dress my child in designer clothes, nor do I buy matching, hats, socks and belts for each of his outfits.

Easter candy is the best worst seasonal candy ever! I love Cadbury Mini Eggs (no, not the gross creme-filled ones) and I think I ate like 2 bags in a whole day. Also, I have a weakness for those marshmallow bunnies dipped in chocolate and my stepdad always buys me chocolate rabbit. I HAD to eat them all. However, my binge started last Thursday and didn't stop until late Sunday night.

Is it any surpise that when I stepped on the scale I had gained 2 pounds? Nope, I wasn't shocked or disappointed. I sabotaged myself all weekend and have no reason to hope that the number would stay the same.

Monday I pulled on my big (very big) girl panties and started over. I have worked out twice this week already and stayed under my calorie limit as well. Today has started out well and I have the right attitude. I walked right past the teacher's lounge and cupcakes this morning :)

One good choice at time is my new motto. I can set goals, make plans, do all of that but what it comes down to is one choice at a time. One choice to eat the right thing, one choice to lace up the running shoes, one choice to find a quick exercise video on YouTube and that it how I am going to do this. What is your one good choice?

Happy Hump Day!!!

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