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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

So What Wednesday (again....)

I ADORE Shannon. I am forever thankful that she does the So What link-up.

So What Wednesday
So what if I watched three episodes of "Glee" last night instead of doing laundry. Lea Michele sang "Don't Stop Believing" for her audition in "Funny Girl" and I may or may not have teared up a little during the performance....

 So what if I felt like punching my lead teacher this morning. Telling me that working with struggling students isn't my "niche" before I have had my morning gallon of coffee is never a good idea.

So what if I 100% agreed with Mama Laughlin's post about running a mile in 16:00 and at 200 pounds is ugly. Yes, if you are running at 200 pounds (or in my case 230) there is a lot of wiggle and jiggle going on and yes going that slow IS UGLY, get over people. She speaks the truth; you just can't handle it....

So what if I buy Boom Chicka Pop popcorn instead of microwaving my own. It's good and I don't run the risk of burning it up.