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Monday, March 18, 2013

(lack of) Motivation Monday

Reality check!!! I laid in bed all week during Spring Break, didn't run, didn't clean, didn't cook, but I went out 3 times and drank and ate like a pig. I gain 2.8 pounds. I should be mad, but I am not because I know why it happened. I joined a gym, which I fully intend to make use of tonight, after I go run 3 miles. I needed the mental break, I needed the phyiscal break, but I should have made better food choices and avoided the booze.
Sangria, should have stopped at one, but had 4.
Why, yes I would like some fried green beans to go with my 3 slices of bacon.....

What made me realize I have to get back in gear was a side view in a shop window yesterday when I met my husband for lunch. I look pretty decent from the front and rear, but I still look pregnant from the side and I HATE IT. I have a big rib cage and some curvature to my spine so I am round, but it is that stomach that really gets me. I hate the way I look and I am tired of hating myself, I am also tired of being tired.

My new gym offers the classes I have been wanting to take so my new plan is to run after school on  Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Hit the gym for classes Monday-Thursday. Yes, this means I will not be spending as much time with my son (my husband is working part-time at night, but that's whole 'nother story), but he will be fine. I do not suffer from "Mommy Guilt" where he is concerned. Mommy needs to get her booty back in gear or she is going to fall apart.

I cancelled Weight Watchers because I wasn't using it, but I will continue to use My Fitness Pal. I grilled a bunch of chicken and roasted some veggies so I will have something healthy to come home to each night. I didn't buy anything to cook sweets with this week and I AM going to get this weight off.

What is your motivation today?

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  1. I don't know how I missed that you have a blog, Kara! Sounds like you are starting things back off on the right foot. Go get em!