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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Finish the Sentence with Jake and Holly!!

So, apparently Blissdom was not all it was cracked up to be for two of my favorite bloggers. Megan (who is actually one of my favorite people in RL) and MamaLaughlin has been telling like it was and it WAS NOT fun. However, through their blogging antics I stumbled across Holly's awesome blog and today I discovered Jake's blog. I know, I am slow to find new an exciting blogs but I am learning. So here is my Finish the Sentence:

1. If calories didn't count, I would eat pizza, bacon cheeseburgers, and chocolate cupcakes EVERY.SINGLE.DAY washed down with a nice, crisp bottle of moscato.

2. On my Prom night I did not have fun because my ultra-religous boyfriend was not there and I was more worried about him than enjoying myself.

3. When I go to the store, I always buy apples and cheese.

4. Family functions typically stress me out (for my family) we are slightly dysfunctional and a whole lot of crazy.

5. I think my blog readers are awesome! So glad that I have followers!

6. I'd much rather be in bed, asleep all the time.

7. I have an obsession with shopping. I am always looking for bargains and new clothes, shoes, etc. It leads to being broke all the time.

8. My work friends have become my friends outside of work! I have been at the same place for nine years and I can honestly say that the majority of my friends are my colleagues. We have a great time at work and outside of work!

9. When I created my Facebook account I was very leary of putting myself "out there" because I am teacher and everybody is always watching, even if you keep your privacy settings high.

10. My least favorite word is the "c" word. Seriously, no need for it ever to be used at all for any reason.

11. I really don't remember phone numbers.

12. Justin Bieber is ridiculous and I wish he would go away and take Rhianna, Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars, and Adam Levine with him and their music too!

Happy Tuesday!



  1. I have some catching up to do, but I do love Holly's blog! I might have to go link up for this one.

  2. I am a teacher too...scares me to think my kiddos will discover my blog..haha..thanks for linking!

    1. Loved this link-up! I am so new to figuring how to interact with other bloggers-your makes it easy! I am always terrified that a former student or a parent is going to find my blog. I actually try to NEVER discuss work because of that!