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Monday, October 1, 2012

Monday, Monday....

I am ever so thankful that I took the time to read Mama Laughlin and join the ML Fit Campers. It provides me with daily inspiration and support that I desperately need right now. I am little leary about starting my 31 days with Jillian challenge this evening, but I WILL do it.

The Weight Watchers thing is going surprisingly well, at the moment. I had a really bad time emotionally on Friday. The weather messed up my plans and I didn't have anything ready for dinner. I called the hubs and begged him to let me order pizza. "It's only 500 calories for 2 slices..." was my mantra. In the end I went home and cooked fish planks (which ironically he ate 4 pieces which equaled 500 calories, the pizza would have tasted a whole lot better), corn, and broccoli. I ate it and tried to be happy. Around 10:00 that night all I wanted was a brownie or a cake to stuff in my face, ugly words thrown at the husband, and a few tears later I ate one of WW 2 points bars-crisis averted.

I didn't work out Friday or Saturday. So yesterday I laced up the shoes, put the baby in the stroller and went out. Did I mention that my baby weighs 28 pounds and the stroller weighs 20??? I haven't tried to run with the stroller in a while. KICKED MY BUTT  the entire, felt completely slow and defeated. I only did 2.25 mile in 36:00 minutes, but it was movement and I felt better because of it.

I weigh in tonight at WW and I am hoping to see a drop. I have seen a drop on my scale at home, but that is in the morning, with an empty stomach and bladder. I drink at least a gallon of water a day at work.

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