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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Random Rant of the Week

For the most part I avoid tabloids in all forms (print, online, TV, etc..) because honestly at this point in my life I have enough going on without keeping up with  Kardashians or the Jersey Shore group. However, this week's cover of "Star" just really set me off. It is another issue of "let's bash the celebrities' bodies' because our lives suck so bad". They are being ugly to Kim Kardashian and Jessica Simpson who are too fat, but in the same breath critizing Kate Hudson, Jennifer Connelly, and LeAnn Rimes for being too skinny and working out too much. It makes me unbelievably sad that all women (regardless of their status) feel pressured to be thin, but too thin isn't good and too heavy is a cardinal sin. Why can't the media just leave everyone the hell alone???? I would come closer to purchasing their terrible rag if they had an entertaining story about Jessica Simpson and her adorbable new baby girl or Kate Hudson's new movie. Why must tabloids always be negative? Everyone on the planet knows that Jessica Simpson has body issues (given to her by the freaking media), that Kate Hudson has always been thin, and that Kim Kardashian ass is always going to be large. I honestly wish people would stop buying and watching tabloids until the report on something worthwhile.

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