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Thursday, July 11, 2013

If I won the lottery....

I seriously HEART Holly Stanfield!! She is suppose to come to Dallas next weekend and I hope Megan remembers to let me in on the fun! Anyway, the link up today is one that is near and dear to my heart-winning the lottery. I am pretty sure I daydream about it.all.the.time. I never buy a ticket though, part of that is because I am never quite sure how to feel the damn thing out correctly.  Oh well here goes:

1.  I will hire a lawyer and a financial planner (my father-in-law) to make sure I don't blow several  million dollars on clothes, shoes, and Ferraris.

2. Anyone we owe money (I am talking to you Sallie Mae and William D. Ford) will be paid off.

3. I will pay off my family's debts as well.

4. Set up hefty trust funds for my kiddos.

5. Set up the retirement fund


7. Donate to a few local charities.

Now let the fun and frivolity start!!!

Hire a nanny, an honest to goodness live-in go anywhere with us nanny. We don't have grandparents to send the kid to and I WANT to travel.

Hire a personal trainer, shopper, and chef.

Schedule weekly housecleaning.

Buy my Range Rover. Buy my husband a new truck. Buy my grandmother a white Cadillac. Buy my son a Red Jeep Wrangler because he has wanted one since was about 2.  

Head to the Neiman Marcus downtown flagship store and buy any purse I want (Balenciaga Classic City in Red, thank you very much).

Go to a spa and get every treatment on the menu.

Laser hair removal...

Book a European vacaction-first class all the way.

Take the entire family to Disney World

Register for the Paris Marathon and hope I can do it!

After the dust settles, start planning our dream home.


  1. I love that you are going to Paris! I will go with you and we can run/walk/crawl it together! :)

  2. I love the idea of of doing the Paris Marathon. Go big or go home so why not! Great list! Here from the link up!

  3. You are in on the fun, love!! I think we are going bowling Friday night!! Wanna join??