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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

All about this blog-redo...

I started this blog last January in an effort to document staying fit during my pregnancy. Well, that was an abyssmal failure to say the least. I don't just mean the blog, but staying fit during pregnancy. I was good for about five months, then I lost my wonderful library job and was put on restricted activity for the remainder of my pregnancy. I was unable to run or enjoy any of the "forbidden" outlets while pregnant and stressed so I ate and ate anything I wanted for the last three months. My bad behavior and job loss (thanks again Rick Perry for slashing education funds in Texas) resulted in a total gain of 40 pounds while pregnant. I couldn't believe I gained half of what I had worked so hard to lose. To add insult to injury I lost nothing, yep that's right zero pounds while in the hospital, and have only managed to shed about 15 pounds in the last seven months. I am tettering on that edge of not being able to shop in the regular sizes and I gave up trying to squeeze myself into my 12s and bought some 16s just to be on the safe side.

As far as the exercising has gone-it hasn't gone anywhere. I signed up to run a 10K in October with almost no training and managed to pull out a 1:33 which shocked pretty much everybody, myself included. My goal was anything under 2 hours. I signed up to run a half-marathon in November, didn't do that one at all. I have been beating myself up over that, and I have now decided to move on. I have been walking pretty consistently prior to Christmas break and managed to walk about 4 times (at least 2 miles each time) during the holidays. Last night was the first time I made a concentrated effort to run with a plan.

I want to run a 5K in 19 days in under 45:00. My plan is to walk 1/4 mile, jog 1/4 mile for 2 miles, then walk the last 1.1 for 1 week and gradually bump up to walk/run for the entire 3.1 miles. My first training run went okay, but it was soooo cold I cut it short by about 1/3 mile.

Right now my main obstacle is time. Once I get off work, pick up the baby, and get home I only have about 2 hours before it is time to put him to bed. It is hard for me to give up my playtime with him. The other part is that there is laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping, more laundry, more cleaning and the occassional cooking that takes my time away as well.

Today I went and ran without the baby at the track. It was very windy and hard to run because the boys' soccer team was practicing on the football field and I was afraid I was going to get hit in the head with a ball. I only ran a total .75 miles, but did 2 miles total. I am really sore in my back and my chest. I hope to go at least 3 miles tomorrow, but I doubt I will be running too much.

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