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Saturday, January 1, 2011

New year, new challenges, and a new life

My inital reason for this blog was to document my efforts to stay in shape while I am pregnant. After running 3.5 miles on Thursday and having it kill my back, I am rethinking that purpose. However, I do feel like I need to continue to stay active as long as I can. I am so tired of women who think that pregnancy is an excuse to pig out and let yourself go completely. It is not. It is not healthy for you or your baby to gain 30-50+ pounds when you are pregnant. I keep arguing with my OB/GYN about the 25-35 she wants me to gain. I told her she wasn't the one who has to take it off when the baby gets here. I know I am vain, but I worked way too hard to lose the weight the first time to only have it all come back. I am still bemoaning the fact that I gained 12 pounds before I ever stepped foot in the doctor's office.

It's not just the weight gain for me. I had made incredible gains in my running and was about to the point of being able to run a 9:00 minute mile comfortably and  I don't want to have start back just walking after I have this baby. It's demoralizing enough that I can't even do a 12:00 minute-mile without my heart rate going through the roof. The doctor assures me that is normal for my age and medical condition and I should not let it be an indicator of my health or cardio output. Now that I have a "real" heart rate monitor it makes me feel a lot better about how hard I can push myself.

I am still debating over trying to run a 6.4 mile relay leg the end of this month. I know I wouldn't be able to run the whole way, but I really want to try. I know I am going to run a 5K race on the 15th and I would like to run another 5K in February. I imagine by March my tummy will be a tad too big for running to be comfortable.

On that note. I do not have a very large bump at all, I have lots of excess skin and fat so I am hiding it well. Except in my running tights and jacket-it accentuates the bump to the point where I have been taking my weekly pictures in my running gear. When people tell me I am showing, I get irritated because I know I am not-it's just a subtle way of saying that I am gaining weight. My butt is HUGE though, I really do think I am carrying the baby in the trunk instead of under the hood-lol! Every pound I have gained has gone straight back, down to the thighs, and of course to my boobs. I had just bought 2 brand-new running bras and now I need extenders for them fit correctly. Anyway, my belly hasn't disrupted my exercising or my sleep-yet. I know it's just a matter of time.

It has been very disappointing to discover that my options for cute running clothes is limited or rather, non-existent. I found a company, but they charge $60 for a shirt and about that much for pants or shorts. I am just going to make do by ordering XL and XXLs when I can find them. I also invested in some maternity yoga capris (Thank you Old Navy!) for a reasonable price. I know that I will be using them for awhile until I get back to the prebaby weight (hopefully it won't take me 14 years this time!).

I am suppose to go run in the morning-that depends on how early "morning" is. It's my last day to sleep in on my Christmas break.

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